The Liverpool Chinatown Yang Style Tai Chi Group was formed in 1988 by Julia Lowe who had over 40 years experience of Yang Style Tai Chi. She was taught by a descendant of Yang Lu Chan who was the founder of Yang Style Tai Chi. Julia taught Tai Chi in Hong Kong initially then overseas in Australia, Malaysia and Canada finally settling in England. Her daughter-in-Law Cathy Wu assisted her in starting the classes in the group at the Blackie Community Centre.

Since her passing away in 1996 her teachings of Yang Style Tai Chi and the Chinatown Tai Chi group has been carried on by her senior students Charles Tsang, Gina Tsang, Johnny Leung, Dr. Kay Rathbone and her daughter-in-Law Cathy Wu.
Charles Tsang , Gina Tsang, Cathy Wu, Johnny Leung and  Dr. Kay Rathbone have all been adjudicators in competitions such as the British Open Chinese Martial Arts Tournament.